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There are many extracurricular activities that help your child thrive and flourish, but no activity will teach them poise, grace and discipline like dance. Not only is dance a great form of physical activity, it also gives your child a strong foundation for healthy habits. At Arabesque Dance Studio, we develop more than your child’s dance skills; we teach them life skills. Enroll your child in a dance class at our dance studio in Columbia, MD today!

Dance classes for little ones


Does your little one love to move? If they have bundles of energy and you are trying to find the perfect activity to harness it, turn to our dance studio in Columbia. We can teach them more than dance steps.

Dance Classes Howard County, MD


Arabesque Dance Studio is known throughout Howard County for developing young talented dancers. Our students come from miles around Howard County to perform at our  events, take our dance classes and learn from our skilled instructors.

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Do you live near or in Howard County, MD? Is your child interested in performing in one of our dance events? Give our studio a call to hear more about dance classes, auditions and more at 410-381-0017. At Arabesque Dance Studio in Columbia, we believe that inside every child is a dancer waiting to shine.

Dance Studio Howard County, MD